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Directory of Staff
Teacher Name
Division      (Grade)
Pam Kaatz
Division 1 - 6/7
Julie Rempel
Division 2 - 6/7
Chris Allen
Division 3 - 4/5
Lisa Allen
Division  4 - 4/5
Jyl Stinson
Division 5 - 3/4
Fara Priest / Beth Jay
Division 6 - 2/3
Katherine Andres
Division 7 - 3
Jennifer Bisset
Division 8 - 2
Margaret Cooper
Division 9 - 1
Michelle Smart
Division 10  - K/1
Melissa Paolozza
Division 11  - K
Support Teacher Name
Chelsea Heidebrecht
Student Support Services
Jennifer Goerzen
Teacher-Librarian / Reading Support Teacher
Steve Karagianis
Music & Band
Erin Williams
Aboriginal Programs and Services
Kate Cree
Debra Nelson
English Language Learning   (ELL/ESL)
Support Staff
Tracey Thompson
Library Assistant
Katherine Allen
Educational Assistant (EA)
Anne Fraser
Educational Assistant (EA)
Heather Rowland
Educational Assistant (EA)
Mickey Wagman
Educational Assistant (EA)
Susan Deharnais
Educational Assistant (EA)
Judith Morgan
Educational Assistant (EA)
Office Staff
Kate Kerr
Vicki Beeman
Administrative Assistant

Last Modified: Aug 28, 2017