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School Growth Plan
School Development Plan Goals 2016/17

Goal No. 1               LITERACY - READING & WRITING

  • By the end of the school year, at least 95% of all students will be acquiring or accomplished in expectations in the area of Reading.
  • By the end of the year 95% of all students will have met their benchmark levels for their grade level.
  • 95% of Kís will know 95% of their alphabet and sounds
  • 95% of our students will be writing at grade level as per the performance standards for their grade.

Goal No. 2          Core Competency - Personal Awareness and Responsibility

  • Self-determination: Students who are personally aware and responsible have a sense of personal efficacy and growing confidence in a variety of situations.  They value themselves, their ideas, and their accomplishments.  They are able to express their needs and seek help when they need it, to find purpose and motivation and act on it, and to advocate for themselves.
  • Self-regulation: Student who is personally aware and responsible take responsibility for their own choices and actions.  They set goals, monitor progress, and understand and regulate their emotions.  They are aware that learning involves patience and time.  They are able to persevere in difficult situations, and to understand how their actions affect themselves and others.
  • To have 100% of all students reflect on the Core Competencies and notice their own growth

Goal No. 3    Career Education

  • K-3 everyone is a lifelong learner
  • 4-7 leadership requires listening to others, respecting others ideas, planning, goal setting and collaboration

Last Modified: Jan 13, 2017